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The Saturn Return

I’m not a massive believer in astrology, though horoscopes have always intrigued me, but I definitely believe in the Saturn Return. Everyone I know at or approaching 30, says they feel like there’s been a massive shift in their life. Believers in astrology or not, it does seem like this time, around the age of 30 is critical; people are more self-aware, righting past wrongs, facing their fears, settling down and finding or redefining their career path. There must be some truth to this astrological cycle.

What Is The Saturn Return?

In astrology, the Saturn Return occurs when Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth. The influence of the Saturn Return is considered to start in a person’s late twenties, usually at the age of 27. Psychologically, the first Saturn Return is seen as the time of reaching full adulthood and being faced, maybe for the first time, with adult challenges and responsibilities.

The Return is said to influence a person’s life development every 29.5 years (the amount of time it takes Saturn to orbit the sun), but its impact may be felt a couple of years before Saturn returns to the exact spot it occupied at your birth. During this time, it is thought that a person crosses over a major threshold and enters the next stage of their life. With the first Saturn Return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood, usually between 27-30. With the second Return, maturity at 57-60. With the third and usually final return, a person enters wise, old age at 84-90.

Before our Saturn Return, we are a construction of outside influences: we are living the lives imposed on us by our parents, teachers, peers, and general society. When Saturn returns to its home base, the tough love planet reviews every aspect of our lives to ensure that we’re fulfilling our greatest personal potential. Generally speaking, this three-year period, which includes some intense moments as Saturn gets closer to its precise position in your birth chart, is defined by the growing pains of radical transformation. Once our Saturn Return is complete, we are finally free to live our best lives, as we defined them.


What It Means For Me

As with everything astrology, my Saturn Return could mean a couple of different things, here are the two explanations I found most relevant:

My Saturn Return sign: Capricorn

My birthday sits within these two dates: 14.02.1988 to 06.02.1991

My 1st Saturn Return is coming to an end this year: 21.12.2017 to 17.12.2020

Saturn In Capricorn – Allure

If your Saturn return is kicking off, you can be sure to expect massive changes to occur in your career and public image. Saturn will perform thorough due diligence, assessing our previous choices to ensure we’re on the right path and showing us forcefully the ways in which we aren’t. Though Saturn redirection can sometimes feel harsh, just remember that the planet has your best interests in mind.

On a macro level, Saturn in Capricorn will directly impact institutional systems. There will be abundant shifts pertaining to authority, government, and large-scale corporations. In past years, Saturn in Capricorn has correlated with the Great Depression and the fall of the Berlin Wall. And with Pluto – the planet of rebirth – also cruising through Capricorn, transformations will be inescapable.

Saturn In Capricorn – Elle

Goals, goals, goals! Success is your obsession but having restrictive Saturn in high-achieving Capricorn can stall your ambition and make you prone to self-doubt. During your Saturn Return, you may finally uncover the right blueprint for your career. Both Saturn and the sign of Capricorn are associated with men and the father. If you have a strained or distant relationship with your dad, you could do some deep healing work during your Saturn Return. Any issues you have with authority and power will also rear up to be dealt with. No more railing against “the man” or trying to become him! Your Saturn Return will guide you to people who model “responsible leadership.” Your inner CEO could take the wheel during your Saturn Return, which might involve returning to school for a business degree, apprenticing alongside an executive or registering your own LLC. Since Capricorn is an earth sign, environmentally responsible business practices are a must for you!

Why Write About It

Over the last two/three years I have felt an itch to really come into my own and take control of what I put my energy into. But with work, wedding planning and moving, I felt I didn’t have the time to even contemplate what I needed to do to make a change. With baby on the way, I feel like I’ve been given the kick I needed to really figure out what I wanted and what I valued most in life.

With Covid-19 and the impact it had on work for me, I now have the time to put into things that have been in the back of my mind, but I never had the time to pursue/learn. I now have a work-life balance I have always wanted. Granted I am not working for money at the moment, but between learning how to set up a blog and putting that into practice and going back to school, I feel like I do work, just with more flexibility than I’ve had in years! This is something I intend to continue moving forward.

You too, could also use this time to refocus and learn, not necessarily to change pace or career, but to advance or re-energise. Whatever it is, use this time wisely if you can, because I believe we have been given this lockdown time for a reason.

How You Could Deal With Your Saturn Return

  1. Understand what the Saturn Return is
  2. Understand the first and second Saturn Returns
  3. Know your Saturn Return Sign & learn about it here

If you play your cards right, you could emerge from your Saturn Return with serious bragging rights. Many people land their dream jobs, meet their life partners, or get recognised for their first important work during the Saturn Return. But they all put in some elbow grease, signed up for workshops, read all the books and/or burned that midnight oil.

Listen to what your gut/God/the universe, whatever it is you believe in, is telling you that needs to be switched up. Reach out to that friend who you keep thinking about but haven’t spoken to in years. Retrain to follow the career path you have always wanted to be on (money obviously plays a factor here, but there are so many free or discounted courses out there, you just need to have a Google). Gain that skill that’s holding you back from the promotion you deserve at work. Put time into that relationship you’ve had simmering on the back burner OR end that dead-end relationship that you’re only in because it’s comfortable. Do whatever it is that you’ve known for a while is needed, but have been neglecting it because it’s scary or because you don’t have the time or resources.

Empowered women

I feel like it’s such an enlightening time, where you find out more about yourself and hopefully, you come out the other side feeling like a whole new person, ready to conquer the world!

Mrs. A


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