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Positive Labour And Delivery Story; It’s A Girl!

I had originally planned to film my whole labour and delivery story but as things happened so quickly, we didn’t get the chance to, so I decided to vlog about it instead. In my last post I was a week past my due date and wrote about what the plan would be if I had to be induced, but haven’t given an update since. (Coincidentally the post went live the day I went into labour, funny how things turn out…)

This post is so late, it was meant to go up when little bubs was four weeks, but mum life is so hectic, let me tell you! You essentially have a choice to make while bubs sleeps:

  • Sleep
  • Shower and/or use the loo
  • Housework
  • Work (or in my case blog…)

For a while, work always loses out. But we’re getting into a bit more of a routine now, so my post frequency should pick up moving forward *fingers crossed*.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my labour and delivery story, in the form of a video. It’s the first time I’ve done this and looking back there’s so much I should have done/said/edited, but this is real life so accept me as I am.

Quick disclaimer before you watch:

Every labour and delivery story is so different; some very difficult and some a lot easier. I was lucky to be in the latter camp. But I am in no way boasting or making light of how hard labour and delivery can be for many. My experience was pretty unique and surprised my midwives, yet alone Hubby and I, but I wanted to share a positive story for those mums-to-be and anyone else needing to hear a positive birth story.

It is a bit of a long video so grab a cuppa, settle in and get ready for a(nother) positive labour and delivery story:

Again, shout out to the midwives at Whipps Cross Hospital and to Birth-ed for getting us through our pregnancy as well as the labour and birth!

Thanks for watching, please let me know if you enjoyed it, if it’s something you’d like me to do more of, or if I should just stick to writing (in a kind way please lol). I’m happy to answer any questions about my labour and delivery story so leave a comment/DM me for a chat.

I hope this has made you feel a little better about birth and shown it’s not always negative or overly dramatic.

Mrs. A


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