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    The Saturn Return

    I’m not a massive believer in astrology, though horoscopes have always intrigued me, but I definitely believe in the Saturn Return. Everyone I know at or approaching 30, says they feel like there’s been a massive shift in their life. Believers in astrology or not, it does seem like this time, around the age of 30 is critical; people are more self-aware, righting past wrongs, facing their fears, settling down and finding or redefining their career path. There must be some truth to this astrological cycle. What Is The Saturn Return? In astrology, the Saturn Return occurs when Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a…

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    My NHS Experience…(Part 2)

    In a post earlier this week, I wrote about issues I had with a couple of NHS Trusts, hoping to be able to update you all in the not so distant future. Well, I do indeed have a bit of an update for you. It’s shocking how quickly you get a response from a body when you contact their CEOs directly. (If you ever need to find the contact details of a CEO, then look no further; I’m telling you it’s the best way to raise a complaint!) I sent my complaint email to both Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust, as well as Barts Health NHS Trust on Monday,…

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    The Baby Show Live @ Home – Our Haul

    Last weekend The Baby Show, despite lockdown, were able to still hold an amazing event, virtually! They launched The Baby Show Live @ Home which was great for me, as I thought lockdown would mean no baby shows for us at all. It was an amazing event full of talks, advice, competitions and The Baby Show was giving 20% off all products. Though it ran across the whole weekend, anyone who knows Hubby and I, knows how lazy we can be. In true A. style, Saturday was a right off, I was shattered and Hubby wasn’t feeling doing anything at all (kind of annoying as I wish he would pick…

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    Self-Doubt – This Coding Thing Ain’t Easy!

    Send help, self-doubt is kicking in….! You may have seen from my last career post I have signed up to an Introduction to Computer Services course. I have watched 2 lectures thus far, and going through the lectures I was like, ‘yup I get it’, answering the lecturer’s questions, making loads of notes, etc. Come to the homework (or pset – problem set – as everyone calls it on the forum) for week 1 and I am lost. I do the first exercise OK, mainly because it is exactly what the lecturer discussed in the lecture, and then the rest go way over my head. I have to figure them…

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    My NHS Experience…(Part 1)

    Now I have to start this post praising the NHS staff; they have been on the front line of this pandemic in the UK. I cannot imagine where we would be without their services and dedication to the sick. They have done a phenomenal job and we, the British public should be more appreciative of the NHS, not just now, but ongoing and they deserve a lot more funding than what the Conservatives give, but that’s another story. Now that being said, I have had a negative experience of the NHS while being pregnant and my complaints started well before the pandemic reached us, so it is important to stress…

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    My Career Journey Thus Far…

    When I was in school, I wasn’t one of those people who was drawn to a career and knew exactly how they were going to get there. I knew I wanted to do something that included the arts perhaps, but that was about it. By the time uni came around I wanted to get into production, TV or radio, I wasn’t fussed, but most of my experience was in radio so that’s what I focused on. Once I finished uni however, this was hard to get into without having to work for free. I loved the hours spent at a radio station though, I even used to travel to Oxford…

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    We’re Pregnant!

    Hubby and I had everything planned after a year or two of dating: I wanted to be engaged by 28 *tick*, married by 30 *tick* and we’d get pregnant after I’d celebrated my 30th birthday. Hubby was good with this, if anything he wanted to bring the timeline up because he’s a couple of years older than me. Fast forward to 5 years together, we had gotten married and after we got back from honeymoon we stopped contraception. I’d heard it can take up to a year for the pill to leave your body, if you’d been taking it for as long as I had (10+ years). But we were…