2nd Trimester
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2nd Trimester Update

I feel like I floated through the 2nd trimester in all honesty. Lockdown, for me anyway, meant less stress, more relaxing and more time for me and Hubby, which I think has allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy properly. To be honest I haven’t really had any symptoms of being in my 2nd trimester. I am well and truly in my third trimester now and throughout the last three months everyone’s been asking how I’ve been, if there’s anything to note. And my honest answer has been: “nope, not really. I’m fine”.

Since my 1st trimester, I’ve had no mood swings mood swings, no crying at ads/shows/movies, no cravings, no nothing. In one way, I know I’m super lucky as it’s been a breeze in comparison to other people I know, but on the other hand it’s a little disappointing as other than bump, I could almost not be pregnant. But I definitely take my blessing wholeheartedly.

Though they do say most symptoms lessen in the 2nd trimester (morning sickness is done, food aversion is a thing of the past etc) for some this isn’t the case, or they are just replaced with new things.

Here are some of the things I experienced though quite mildly to be fair:

  • Breathlessness: due to having a rapidly growing baby in your 2nd trimester, there’s less space for your other organs including your lungs. Trust me just simply going up 2 flights of stairs in my house gets my heart rate going like crazy. Just try and take it easy and stick to that water bottle like glue!
  • Heartburn: now anyone who knows me knows I usually eat as slow as a snail, so I’ve never had heartburn or indigestion in my life. Until now. This is apparently due to the growing abdomen, putting pressure on your stomach and digestive system. People say avoid hot and greasy foods buuuuut that’s not what I did. I love spicy food and I’m partial to the odd take out and fry up so that’s that. What helped me was making sure I sit up properly while eating and for a good while after eating, before slumping/laying on the sofa.
  • Difficulty Sleeping: unlike my 1st trimester where I was sleeping all the time, the odd night in my 2nd trimester has been so hard to fall asleep or even stay asleep. Luckily it was an issue when I wasn’t working so it was never really a problem. I just watched something on YouTube using my headphones so as to not wake Hubby (usually pregnancy videos by @Jess_Hover and @RnBFam) until I fell asleep and woke up whenever I was ready. Not everyone has that luxury, but by this point you should be able to have open communication with your employer if working so they should cut you some slack if you need a bit of extra time in the morning for a lie in and to rest up before starting the day.
  • Warmer Temperature: we’ve had some lovely weather in London thus far, so it’s been a lot warmer anyway. But as someone who is usually cold all the time, I have been soooo hot. Sometimes to the point where even Hubby is like can we close the windows?! A part from those 30+ degree days I’m not complaining. I’m always happier hot than cold. Only downside is the fact that bump now well and truly gets in the way when I’m waxing my legs, but I try anyway lol (another 2nd trimester symptom – some part of your lower body will no longer be seen or reached due to bump…).
  • Back Pain: I’ve been lucky in the sense that I’ve only experienced back pain when I’ve overexerted myself or fallen asleep awkwardly on the sofa. Again lucky in comparison to others whose bumps are bigger than mine and have constant pain. I just use one of those deep heat patches overnight and the next day I’m sorted. Only one time that wasn’t the case, so we spent the whole day in bed (thank God for our TV bed) and it was a very lazy weekend!

So that’s about it from me on my 2nd trimester. But like I’ve mentioned before, every woman and pregnancy is different. To check out more details in terms of what to expect week by week here.

2nd trimester
2nd Trimester – the ‘easiest’ of the trimesters

On top of all of that is the movement of your little one, which is the best weirdest feeling you can ever feel! Baby loves to move about and kick especially after I’ve eaten or had a cold drink. This has made the pregnancy so much more real and it’s nice that Hubby can feel it now and get involved too!

Now I’m in my third trimester I cannot wait to meet Baby! We’re finally starting to get organised and taking it seriously. Not that we weren’t taking it seriously before, but it’s getting to crunch time now and it’s becoming so much more real. So the next month or so will be all about sorting out the car seat, antenatal classes and doing kids first aid – all the practical prep for Baby.

I’ll keep you posted on all of it!

Mrs. A.


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